What’s in Your Pie?
At Gray House Pies we are working to resurrect the simple pleasure of a homemade pie. Nothing real fancy but yet something scrumptious. Something felt deep inside. Something that satisfies our very soul. Of course, when it comes to satisfying the soul, there’s no cutting corners. That’s why all of our pies are made “from scratch” with the purest of ingredients. And, that’s why, for example, we make our own butter crusts and we peel fresh apples for every apple pie. And that’s why we only use organic milk and local free-range eggs in our cream pies and local free-range meats in our pot pies. Equally important is what we DON’T put in our pies. Our pies contain No preservatives, No fillers and No canned fruit. And you won’t be eating hydrogenated vegetable shortening when you eat our pies – we use nothing but 100% fresh sweet butter. So, what’s in your pie?

Welcome to Gray House Pies!
Gray House Pies started in 2004 when Darlene suggested that her husband Joe should sell his homemade pies on the front porch of the century home they had just moved into. The previous
owner had sold fruits and vegetables in the front yard and there was a huge church nearby that created a line of potential customers every Sunday. Darlene told Joe “Everyone loves your pies and we have a traffic jam in front of our house every Sunday morning when church lets out.  Surely someone will want to buy a fresh-baked pie”. For Darlene it was a no brainer. Read More…