Fruit Pies $13 – $20

Apple, Caramel Apple, Peaple (peach & apple), Four Berry Buzzed Friends (our 4 berry pie w/ brandy & honey), Blueberry, Berry Cherry (blueberry & cherry), Drunken Cherry (sweet cherries, tart cherries & bourbon), Apple Jack (fresh peeled apples, Jack Daniels & honey) Berry Peachy (Peach & Blueberry) Cherry, Peach, Four Berry Good Friends (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry), Sunshine (cherry & peach), Appleberry (apple & blueberry)

Cream Pies $15 – $22 

Chocolate, Banana, Almond Joy (coconut cream w/almonds & chocolate ganache), Peanut Butter, Coconut Cream, Elvis (banana cream w/peanut butter), Chocolate Elvis (made w chocolate pastry cream), Chocolate Banana (banana cream pie in chocolate pastry cream), Raspberry Cream (fresh raspberries in vanilla bean pastry Cream). Strawberry Cream (fresh strawberries/vanilla bean pastry cream).

Specialty Pies $13 – 20

    Pecan, Chocolate Pecan, Maple Bacon Pecan (pecan w/bacon & maple syrup).  Sweet Potato, Key Lime (real key lime juice & homemade graham cracker crust), Pumpkin (nov – dec.), Pumpkin Pecan Crumble (nov – dec), Crapple (cranberry apple / nov – dec), Mincemeat (december), Eggnog Cream (december), Kahlua Cream (december), Rhubarb (plain or combo) (april – july) (strawberry rhubarb, Apple Rhubarb, Cherry Rhubarb), Red White & Blue (‘Patriotic’ holidays) (cherries, apples, blueberries).

Quiche made with local free-range eggs. $11 – $17 asparagus & cheddar, bacon mushroom & cheddar, ham & cheese, greek isle (spinach & feta), lorraine (bacon & swiss). Plus daily creations!

Pot Pies Made with local free-range meats. $6.99         classic chicken, Edmund Fitzgerald beef stew, mushroom & artichoke, Plus new creations every week.

Pub Pies $4.50 or 6/$21

        Flakey pastry stuffed with savory fillings. Available hot to eat now or cold for heat and serve. Daily flavors: Mexican chicken, Loaded Potato, Cheeseburger, Mac n Cheese (plain or w bacon), Veggie pizza and new creations.

Cookies: Brown butter and sea salt chocolate chip, & traditional shortbread in various flavors.

Biscuits: three to five varieties of big fluffy buttermilk biscuits daily.

New… Lunch Special: Pub Pie or Hand Quiche or Slice of Pizza with Hand Pie: $6
(*Weekdays 11 am to 1 pm. Not valid with coupon or any other discount.)

Hand Pies/Hand Quiche $3.75 or 3/$10 miniature versions of our pies & quiches.